Zero tolerance for Violence!!!!!…Let’s get educated to eradicate violence against child !!!!!!

Zero tolerance for Violence!!!!!…Let's get educated to eradicate violence against child !!!!!!.


Lets end this……………..!!!!!!!

In the past one week,a 6 year old has been raped, a 22 year old girl was kidnapped and raped in moving car, a female doctor stripped by a mob of 100 people, an 88 year old woman raped by house help. When will this end?

A woman has raised a petition, and it requires our support. Kindly open the following link and sign the petition.

Light amidst Darkness

Light amidst Darkness

We usually say “I am in darkness”, “I am lost in darkness”. It’s just a thought installed in us, a psychological impact. Have we ever thought “There is so much of darkness around me… Why not I be the light rather than waiting for one….”

A few days back, I was seated in a park at around 20:00. The entire park would have been filled with pitch darkness if not for this bulb. It provided light as far and bright as it could. Nobody complained that the light wasn’t bright enough. Instead they were happy to have atleast a single source of light to rely upon.

Same goes with us. At times of despair/darkness, we ought to find a solution, we must motivate ourselves, and we have to be the LIGHT. If we depend on others, and god forbid, if they are with the same state of mind, it becomes an infinite loop and we will never come out of the darkness. It is definitely difficult to step up, but only after rigorous polishing we SHINE.