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Ideally soulmate is expected to stand up through all highs and lows. But in my case, it is way beyond that.

Let me state few incidents:

It was in the year 2012. It had been 4 months since I had graduated. I had attended around 6 to 7 interviews, but succeeded in none. She was a friend who knew all this. On 11th of Oct, I had an interview scheduled with one of the top MNC. I had to leave at about 4 in the morning. She, though being a sleepy head, woke up at 4, wished me luck, ad was giving me words of confidence till I reached venue (9 in the morning).
But that day as well I couldn’t clear the interview. With so much troubles at home, and me being jobless, I myself felt like a burden on the family. I was so badly shattered that I had decided to leave home and go off……..
Right at that moment she messaged me (call it coincidence or fate). She felt the state of mind I was in, and started speaking. She gave me company the entire 5 hrs of my journey, keeping all her works aside (she had to take care of everything at home as her mother was staying in her sister’s place). She spoke to me, boosted my confidence, spoke words of faith. She did not leave my side, and ensured I got down at the stop and reached home SAFELY……

In the year 2013, around the month of Feb/Mar, I was in a very bad mind state. I was detached with everybody including myself. I wasn’t the person I was anymore. I lost many relationships (BEST FRIENDS, SISTER…). I did not even speak to my mom. I used to be in office for 18 – 20 hrs a day, and all I wanted to do was be alone. But this LADY never left my side. Even though we were 150 kms away, she somehow managed to meet up every weekend (Sat AND Sun), stayed with me, spoke to me, made me a human again (Actually a better person)
She nurtured me like her own kid (still does). I used to get frustrated and shout on her, but she used to always calm me down. Then I used to break down in her laps and her words always were soothing.

There are many such situations where she had stood with me more than a soulmate. She is everything I have; she is everything I ever want. She is my:

SOULMATE – An ideal soulmate

BEST FRIEND – Friend in need is a friend in deed

MOTHER – Nurturing me like a kid

QUEEN – Made me realize my existence

SWEET HEART – Sweetest one by heart

CUTIE PIE – Cute little girl

KID – MY kid

STAR – Helps me follow right path

LIFE – One who has hold on my breath

LOVE – Love of my life (my Lav)

Love you lots Kiddo……. :* :* :* :*