Never ending argument between a couple…!


Few weeks back I had been on a photo walk conducted by Prism Guild. During the walk, I noticed this couple having an argument over some matter (definitely the woman on fire, and the man being the target 😉 😀 ). After almost 30 mins, when we returned to the same location, the argument seemed to be going on (still one sided 😛 ). Later at the end of walk I noticed that the man was carrying some load on his shoulders while the woman filling up a bag. I wanted to capture that moment as well, but due to heavy traffic, it was not possible.


It’s a bend, not the end…….!!!!

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In life we always feel that we are at the end of the road. But only after careful observation, we know that we are just at a steep bend, and not at the end of the road. This post is just to say that, never give up.. No matter how hard the situation might seem, face it.. Coz there is always a solution for every problem…

Light amidst Darkness

Light amidst Darkness

We usually say “I am in darkness”, “I am lost in darkness”. It’s just a thought installed in us, a psychological impact. Have we ever thought “There is so much of darkness around me… Why not I be the light rather than waiting for one….”

A few days back, I was seated in a park at around 20:00. The entire park would have been filled with pitch darkness if not for this bulb. It provided light as far and bright as it could. Nobody complained that the light wasn’t bright enough. Instead they were happy to have atleast a single source of light to rely upon.

Same goes with us. At times of despair/darkness, we ought to find a solution, we must motivate ourselves, and we have to be the LIGHT. If we depend on others, and god forbid, if they are with the same state of mind, it becomes an infinite loop and we will never come out of the darkness. It is definitely difficult to step up, but only after rigorous polishing we SHINE.


Immense Joy in Divine Hearts

Immense Joy in Divine Hearts

Happiness is an emotion felt. It is never tied up to anything materialistic. If it is, then it isn’t true happiness.

On looking at these kids, their smile, their happiness, I felt,
What am I doing???
For what sake am I working hard????
Is it for happiness????
Whose happiness????
Coz am not happy… Am only stressed out, tensed and frustrated regarding my work pressure…

My fellow people……. Time to live up life. Time to realize the fact that each one of us have just 1 life, and its up to us how WE live it…
We can either LIVE happily or SURVIVE through the daily ROUTINE….

Have a thought about it… Coz the moment you find answers to this, is the moment you know what you have to do with your life….

I wanna thank a Buddy of mine ( for sharing this pic she captured…..

Catch you later amigos……!!!!